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Our Enterpise Business Package:  Is the first all-in-one software solution that was designed for businesses of all sizes and industries, and it is best suited for organization with multiple divisions  and extended operations. The EBP is well positionned to meet the demands of your challenging business environment regarless if you are a mid or larger corporation. No matter where your manufacturing operations takes you. From Asia to the Americas, Haalufa USA Enterprise Business Package Software and Solutions will provide you with tools to manage your global operations.

The EBP is a top tier enterprise solutions with achitectural designed  that will unify your corporate processes and will deliver optimum capabilities to manage and monitor all organizational aspects  such as; Corporate Finance, Business Absorptions, Human Resources, Marketing and Production Operations Management.  Since, the EBP is one step above the SBP, it is also an integrated software application that ties demand resource planning (DRP) and manufacturing resource planning (MRP) requirement with the precise execution of your production plan to allow and enable your team with strict control of administrative and production activities including:

  • Tight inventory control
  • Simple or complex costing
  • Accurate capacity planning
  • Product scheduling, either forwards, backwards, manual or special simulation
  • Management of bill of materials, work centers and teams.
  • Flexible routing to help you plan the most efficient abd profitable production of goods
  • Make-to-order production environments
  • EDI, labeling and others...

Small Business Package Vs. Enterprise Business Package: Either package will work within your operating environment and will deliver outstanding results. However, there are big differences between them. We stand ready to guide you during the product evaluation where we will review your processes and help you determine the best solution for your business.  Other considerations to keep in mind is your business structure, financial setting, revenues streams and your production environment.   

Delivery: Any selection can be downloaded via internet/intranet or in from CD-Rom.

Customization: A team is often put together to evaluate your needs and it is comprised of a senior member of our process development department who is well versed or SME on supply chain processes, a software engineer from Haalufa USA Technologies to oversee the customization, implementation and deployment of your package selection. This structure is required regardless if you are using a free trial through our pilot program or buying the right to use any of our software packages.

Deployment: We offer a wide range of deployment options for your enterprise software solutions, including on-premise, hosted, Software as a Servicem(SaaS), and hybrid deployments, to best fit your business needs.

Training: Webinar, eLearning and on-site.

Get it now: Free trial is often granted on an annually basis through our Pilot program with limited duration. You must sign up for paid support during the trial period to get full assistance to customize, deploy and trainning of your staff during the trial. Please click here to Subscribe and to send us your contact information and feel free to go to the Pilot program Page to learn more our free offer ...