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Haalufa USA Technology Software Solution: Our solutions reflect a close understanding of common industry processes but also offer the flexibility to mold to the way your company does business, helping you maintain your distinctive competitive edge. Since every businss is unique, we employ innovative service oriented architecture (SOA) and web service technologies to deliver end-to-end, industry-specific enterprise software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, services, retail and hospitality that will enable your business to increase efficiencies, improve performance and build competitive advantage. We distribute software applications that can perform any of tasks that are listed below:

  • ERP
  • Retail Software
  • Financial Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Production Management
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Service Management
  •  Mobile Application
  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Customer Relation Management (CRM)
  • Supplier Relation management (SRM)
  • IT Management
  • Enterprise Asset management (EAM-MRO)

Get it now: Free trial is often granted on an annually basis through our Pilot program with limited duration. You must sign up for paid support during the trial period to get full assistance to customize, deploy and trainning of your staff during the trial. Please click on the link  subscription form to send us your contact information and feel free to visit the Pilot Program Page to learn more about our free offer.

Training: We will provide full training and support for your managers and other stakeholders...